Delivering HELP

  • The solution is live and 318 community health volunteers across rural, urban and nomadic pilot sites have completed their training
  • Average successful pass rate of 86% across topics
“The (project) will help AMREF equip 300 community health workers with job skills over the next 10 months and has the potential to bring healthcare services to thousands of people across Africa.”
African Business Review

9 Topics from the 6 core modules have been selected for the pilot:

  1. Family Planning
  2. Antenatal Care
  3. Danger Signs in Pregnancy
  4. Danger Signs in New-borns and children under 5
  5. Maternal and Child Health and Nutritional Assessment
  6. Common Diseases in the Community
  7. Basic Life Saving Skills and Injury Prevention
  8. Sexual and Gender-Based Violence
  9. Kenya Essential Package for Health

A functional and scalable operating model has been created that manages the service, operations, and implementation layers


The rollout of 9 mobile learning topics is complete, with final results being compiled:

Training delivered

  • 300 community health workers & 18 CHEWs in three Kenyan communities (rural, urban slum & nomadic)
  • 215,000 SMSs delivered to community health workers
  • 8,500 health-related group chat messages have been sent between community health workers and CHEWS within community units
  • 140,000 minutes of IVR audio heard (1,500 feature length movies)

Initial Outcomes

Community Health Workers fully completed all 9 topics - 75%
Average topic quiz score - 80%
Overall satisfaction rating - 94%
  • After 4 months, the retention level was 12% higher in the mLearningpilot groups
  • Remote areas showed significantly higher engagement rates than urban groups

Engagement Analysis

Per-user statistics throughout the project were gathered to measure progress and performance

Health workers who completed the topics they started

Overall topic completion

Knowledge retention rates

mLearing score - 86%
Classroom score - 66%

Technology usage

SMS - 95%
USSD - 15%
It was also noted  that System delays can cause confusion and double the drop-off rate

Completion Rate Analysis

Pilot sites showed large differences in engagement rates

Primary and Secondary education levels were similar across sites

Average quiz score

Topics were rolled out weekly and took 6 days to complete

Full Completion Rate

Kibera 45%
Other sites 72%
In addition, remote sites have a high demand for local languages

Future Growth Plans

We see a wide range of opportunities to build out HELP and expand the content and services that can be delivered to CHWs and health workers

Our Vision for Continued Development of HELP

High Level Approach to Significant Scale & Impact

Our vision is to scale HELP with Partners & Donors to drive a significant, sustainable contribution towards the 1m CHW goal for Africa by 2020