The HELP partnership is finding ways to maximise the effectiveness of mobile phones in delivering skills and services to community health workers. The project has successfully completed a proof of concept by adapting 9 topics from the Ministry of Health’s national health worker curriculum and rolling them out to 318 Community Health Workers, focusing on maternal and child nutrition, and common diseases. By introducing new material, health cadres, geographies and surveys, our vision is to scale with partners and donors to drive a significant, sustainable contribution towards the 1m Community Health Worker goal for Africa by 2020. A key part of this vision is creating a common platform for health-related data collection, vaccine registries, and referral and diagnosis records.

HELP Features

  • HELP is built for basic phones, but implements advanced features such as scheduling and collaboration
  • Almost any community health volunteer can access the system after only 1.5 days instruction, making the solution scalable and sustainable
  • SMS and Audio content delivery is intelligently controlled with an advanced Scheduling system
  • A tailored mLearning Pegagogy defines multiple interaction and learning approaches
  • Group chat allows collaborationwithin members of a community unit
  • Automated reports keep community health volunteers and supervisors informed and on-track
I never knew a phone could be used to learn. The information is more in-depth and detailed than face to face. I will be able to deliver a high quality service.
Community Health Volunteer, Kibera

mPedagogy Approach

  • HELP has defined a one-of-a-kind mobile learning approach, based on learning best-practices
  • Right pace, rhythm and tools for mLearning
  • Two way communication and support for Long Lasting Professional Development
  • The optimal HELP mLearning solution is a balanced act between Pedagogy, Content and Technology 

HELP Technology Platform

  • An innovative, flexible, and agile architecture has been created for HELP
  • This simplifies and automates content management, curriculum scheduling, user support, reporting, and management
  • New users, material and features can be added and rolled out quickly, making HELP look easy